About Us

Purdy Products Company was founded in 1949 at which time the company produced a line of cleaners and sanitizers for dairy farmers to clean automatic milking equipment. With the invention of the soft ice cream machine in 1938 and the rapidly growing popularity of soft-serve ice cream in the 40’s, Purdy developed Stera-Sheen Green Label. This product functioned as a specialty cleaner, sanitizer, and milkstone remover for the “new” soft-serve ice cream machines. With the success of Stera-Sheen Green Label. Purdy soon branched off into other specialty cleaners and sanitizers for the food service industry.

Today, Purdy Products, a family owned company, continues to focus on manufacturing only high-quality cleaners and sanitizers. Stera-Sheen Green Label remains the industry-leading product for cleaning and sanitizing frozen dessert machines. Our other specialty products include Stera-Sheen Red Label fryer and filter cleaner, Urn Clean all-purpose brewing equipment cleaner, Sani-Tea Tea Brewer sanitizer & cleaner and Stera-Sheen Grill and Oven Cleaner, and Stera-Sheen Machine Lube.  To learn more or find a local distributor contact us at 847-526-5505.